7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS

Featuredpost 7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS 840x400 - 7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS

Advertising takes a lot of work and effort. Despite the advantages of using SMS as a prime marketing vehicle; in order to truly develop a brand’s campaign, it is imperative that at least more than one marketing strategy is indicated in the process.

These other advertising vehicles have a wide range of influence that SMS sometimes cannot take over. This is why it is important to make sure that all relevant marketing strategies are developed to maximize the potential of a particular campaign.

Audio Vehicle

This marketing vehicle is focused on the auditory senses of prospects. This means the campaign can be advertised through a radio station or even a podcast. As long as it is about listening to the details of the campaign, as it is part of this particular vehicle.

This is very influential in cases wherein a person has his or her attention somewhere else.

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Perhaps this is one of the most popular marketing vehicles in the world. Television offers a wide array of opportunities for advertisers to promote their products. The promotional structure can be a kind of product placement or a full-length commercial that showcases the brand and the campaign.


Technology today has allowed marketing schemes to be more encompassing. In this generation, companies can create websites or webpages that highlight their products and services.

Those business organizations that are particularly influential even utilize different online platforms to advertise their companies.

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This marketing vehicle is considered a classic. Even so, it can still be very influential to the right people. In popular hardcopy magazines, for instance, printed publications offer a lot of opportunity for businesses that target the specific prospects who read these hardbound materials.


Marketing is everywhere even on the streets. When you go outside and see a billboard or a stand that promotes a certain subject, it is a type of environmental marketing vehicle. The good thing about this is that it can be placed in large trafficked areas.

However, it can also suffer by being ignored by pedestrians who are busy going to their destinations.

PostImage 7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS Applications - 7 Other Marketing Vehicles You Can Use Alongside SMS


Product placements are now integrated within downloadable apps. While it allows for great brand visibility, this kind of marketing vehicle can immediately backfire if the users become frustrated with the abundant advertisement that surrounds their applications. Thus, this has to be used with thorough care.


Marketing can also be implemented through social gatherings. Creating dynamic events often encourage participants to try the businesses that either sponsored the event or were the actual organizers of the event.

Even though it can be limiting in terms of prospects, this is one of the leading marketing strategies out there to attract consumers.

Marketing has come a long way from its previous years wherein it has been limited by the technology of the classical times. Today, it is basically impossible not to encounter any kind of marketing campaign.

Whether you stay at home or go out, there are many ways for businesses to reach you.

SMS is a great marketing vehicle; however, it is not the only one. Most of the time, it is a lot more beneficial if a company uses more than one marketing vehicle to advertise their products and services.

The utility of diverse marketing vehicles gives them a higher chance to be recognized by different prospects.

3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing

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SMS is deeply connected with the lives of people. Millennials are actually said to prioritize their phone messages first thing in the morning. To say that SMS plays a huge role in our lives is a big understatement.

The reality is that messaging has become an integral factor in our lifestyle whether because of a personal reason or a professional one.

SMS has become so impactful that it has become recognized as the leading marketing vehicle today. Unlike emails and other forms of campaigns, SMS has seen more positive results with their advertisements.

Ultimately speaking, there are significant advantages that SMS has that other media do not.

PostImage 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing SMS encourages - 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS encourages engagement

Emails can be left in one’s inbox for a long time before it is opened and read if even that. On the other hand, phone calls are often unanswered for the fear of not knowing who the caller is.

Even if the person answers, there is still a significant chance that the call will be dropped. In SMS, however, interaction is limited to messages which people look forward to.

SMS are easily tracked

For businesses that chose SMS as their campaign vehicles, they are able to effectively gather data about the efficacy of their campaign.

PostImage 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing tracked - 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing

This is because, in SMS, the sender can check if the message has been opened or ignored and if there are links that were clicked. This makes the activity really informative.

SMS can promote fast

Unlike other campaign strategies, SMS delivers information instantly. Moreover, because of the requirements of SMS, a marketing partner does not need to include promotional designs that are not necessary.

He or she should only include the most relevant details that the customer would be interested in.

PostImage 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing promote - 3 Significant Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS has a ton of potential. It just has to be utilized well. Smart use of this technology would ensure a brand’s success in market positioning. If you want to learn more about the proper ways to use SMS for your marketing efforts, check out the current trends in SMS marketing.

You can also learn about the impact of the translation in SMS media as another advantage for SMS marketing.

7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing [2019 Update]

Featuredpost 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing 840x400 - 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing [2019 Update]

SMS, also known as mobile has been a common tool for decades. We used it to communicate with our family, our work and our colleagues. Today, we also use it to share or receive business information. This practice is commonly referred to as SMS Marketing and we’re here to tell you how to do it with inspiration from Mobile Text Alerts.

Businesses typically use this method to reach multiple people in an instant. Proper use of this technique is sure to boost a business’s profit, that is, if you know how to properly use this media. Fortunately, we discovered the best ways a business could utilize SMS marketing.

PostImage 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing Transactional Updates - 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing [2019 Update]

Transactional Updates

Customers are delighted when they are informed about the things they are waiting for, especially, when it is something they need to receive. Smart companies that deliver products to their customers have managed to satisfy their customers by regularly updating them about their orders.


Customers would rather read SMS messages than download numerous applications that take up space on their devices. This is why, at the moment, SMS marketing is recognized as the leading marketing channel that is used by global enterprises. It is quick, personal, and has a huge scope.


The smart use of SMS marketing includes the ability to include relevant links in the message. These links should directly connect the recipient of the messages to the desired pages.

PostImage 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing Information - 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing [2019 Update]

This is a good practice because it allows the customer to effortlessly go to the desired destination. In turn, this relationship drives the interaction traffic between businesses and buyers.


Many customers prefer messaging rather than calls. This is why they are deeply appreciative of the fact that they can acquire relevant information through SMS. It is even more efficient and faster than email.

In fact, this has been such a significant development that even governments have used this particular strategy to inform the public.


SMS can be easily customized even if sent to different people at once. For example, a company can code a system that sends greeting SMS to their loyal customers. It can be about a certain event like a birthday or anniversary. What this does is make the customer believe that the business cares.


SMS has now been proven to be the preferred marketing vehicle by most customers to date. In fact, it has been claimed that SMS has surpassed email in terms of marketing. Messages sent to the phone have more chance of being read and responded to in just a short time.

PostImage 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing Chats - 7 Current Trends in SMS Marketing [2019 Update]


There is just something very personal about SMS that encourages people to respond to the message. Many companies today have developed chatbots to deal with this matter in an efficient way.

These chatbots can easily recognize the needs of the customers and provide them with the right answers and helpful solutions.

SMS marketing is basically opening up opportunities for businesses. This particular marketing strategy has helped many companies to reach new market segments and offer their products and services.

These trends are just some of the things that are being implemented to further enhance the practice of SMS marketing.

Another trend in SMS marketing is the use of multilingual messages. Find out how this strategy has benefited companies in connecting with a culturally diverse global population.

If you have a brand that you wish to be recognized by many people around the world, why not work with us and see your business grow in no time.

3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing

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The concept of SMS has been a long-time recognized marketing tool. This has to do with the idea that SMS implores a relatable sense in communication. Thus, it has wildly applied as a marketing media by various enterprises whether big or small.

SMS has basically become a significant piece of technology that offers wide arrays of beneficial features.

However, SMS marketing had to adapt with the culturally diverse population all around the world. This can only work if it somehow managed to identify a process that lets others understand the context behind a message. This is where translation in SMS marketing comes to help.

Through this language-assisted technology, companies are now able to reach more parts of the globe that they once did not encompass in their market share. Nevertheless, this is definitely not the only positive effect of such an innovative development. In fact, there are more benefits to this practice.

PostImage 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing Customization - 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing


Translated SMS messages played a huge role in establishing the harmonious relationship between businesses and buyers. Because the messages relate significantly with the buyers’ cultural affiliation, it is more possible that the company is recognized and accepted by the new market.


Being able to understand the entirety of a context is very important. The idea of translating SMS has helped in making sure that the prospected market is able to easily comprehend the terms set by the business.

PostImage 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing Clarity - 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing

Without this sense of clarity in the communication network, promoting products and services will be more difficult or even impossible.


One of the goals of marketing is to make people respond. By using translated SMS marketing strategy, customers are more encouraged to interact with the advertisement because they have a good grasp of what is required of them.

This kind of interaction between buyers and providers enable a successful marketing scheme.

PostImage 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing Interactive - 3 Benefits of Multilingual SMS Marketing

The best thing about targeted marketing such as translated SMS marketing strategy is that it ultimately widens the scope of the business’s market share. More people understanding the message of the business means more potential customers in the future.

Translation is simply another tactic to expand brand visibility.

Speaking about brand visibility, SMS Thailand can help your online business reach a new and diverse audience. You can accomplish this by advertising with us.