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SMS Thailand prides itself in being one of the most recognized specialists in providing its subscribers with information about the latest mobile marketing trends and its related technology and research aspects.

We are an established content creator of marketing technologies not just in Canada, but in many other parts of the world, as well.

We exist so that we can offer optimal insightful ideas about the marketing industry towards passionate individuals who understand the value of the mobile and technology world.

Our relentless effort to discover the best technology-related news and share it with our readers has resulted in global recognition and a dynamic online presence.

We are known by our subscribers as one of the leading marketing-focused magazines and one of the most trusted providers of information and opinions regarding the digital world. Today, we maintain a high set of standards to continuously provide only the best services we can deliver to our followers.

We are continuously growing, optimally changing, and consistently developing to meet the demands of our subscribers, our business partners and our staff. We are driven by an underlying need to make the world aware of the mobile industry and its significant influence over society.

Whether it is about establishing more significant bonds between relationships or building new and engaging experiences; we are always there to inform our readers about the scope and dynamics of the marketing sphere and its relation with mobile devices and related technology.

What you can expect from us

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We are always finding new ways to share relevant information. We are focused on creating content that are influential and persuasive.


We only deliver valuable knowledge and news. Expect optimal content from our magazine to help with your lifestyle.


We maintain an ethical framework for our research and duties. We will meet the expectations of our partners, advertisers, writers and readers.


We aim for a constantly developing society. We can be as flexible as necessary.

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